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A course is the basic teaching unit, it's design as a medium for a student to acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills indispensable in the given field. A course guarantor is responsible for the factual content of the course.
For each course, there is a department responsible for the course organisation. A person responsible for timetabling for a given department sets a time schedule of teaching and for each class, s/he assigns an instructor and/or an examiner.
Expected time consumption of the course is expressed by a course attribute extent of teaching. For example, extent = 2 +2 indicates two teaching hours of lectures and two teaching hours of seminar (lab) per week.
At the end of each semester, the course instructor has to evaluate the extent to which a student has acquired the expected knowledge and skills. The type of this evaluation is indicated by the attribute completion. So, a course can be completed by just an assessment ('pouze zápočet'), by a graded assessment ('klasifikovaný zápočet'), or by just an examination ('pouze zkouška') or by an assessment and examination ('zápočet a zkouška') .
The difficulty of a given course is evaluated by the amount of ECTS credits.
The course is in session (cf. teaching is going on) during a semester. Each course is offered either in the winter ('zimní') or summer ('letní') semester of an academic year. Exceptionally, a course might be offered in both semesters.
The list presented here is sorted by departments, within departments alphabetically by the Course title. The departments are listed alphabetically by the Department code.


34101 Department of Education
Course code Course title Extent of teaching
Guarantor Instructors
TVKLV Physical Education Course 7dní Z L 0
TVKZV Physical Education Course 7dní Z Z 0
TV2K1 Physical Education 2 Z L,Z 1
TVV0 Physical education 0+2 Z Z,L 0
TVV Physical education 0+2 Z Z,L 0
TV1 Physical Education 0+2 Z Z 0
TV2 Physical Education 0+2 Z L 0

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