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The program Informatics 2021 | Study branch

Study plan

For each branch and form of study, there is at least one study plan. A study plan is a list of courses that enable the student to acquire the knowledge and skills of the given study branch. Each course is assigned a certain amount of credits, based on its difficulty. In order to meet the assigned study plan, a student must obtain at least the prescribed amount of credits indicated by the plan's limit in a prescribed structure of the study plan. The limit is by rule 180 credits for Bachelor programs and 120 credits for Master programs.
The courses in a plan are arranged into groups based on the role the given course plays in the study plan. Such groups are, for instance, a group of compulsory courses of a program (a theoretical base of the given program), a group of compulsory courses of a branch, a group of compulsory courses of a specialization, a group of courses in humanities and a group of courses in economics and management.
It is not enough for a student to accumulate the amount of credits prescribed by the study plan; all the requirements for each group need to be fulfilled.
For each group, it is required to obtain at least the prescribed minimum (amount of) credits or to successfully complete the prescribed minimum (amount of) courses.
   If a group has defined a minimum amount of credits = total amount of credits that can be obtained from the group, the student must successfully complete all the courses of the group. Such a group of courses has its role marked as 'compulsory'. If a group has defined a minimum (amount of) credits < total amount of credits obtainable from the group, such a situation is referred to as a group with an obligation to choose and complete at least the minimum (amount of) credits (and similarly for courses).
If a group has defined a minimum (amount of) credits = 0 and a minimum (amount of) courses = 0 at the same time, then the courses in the given group are elective.
If a group has defined a minimum (amount of) credits < maximum (amount of) credits < total amount of credits in a group, then credits earned from the given group that are above the minimum amount of credits are seen as elective and credits above the maximum (amount of) credits from a given group do not count.
For ease of reference, each group has - next to its name - also a role the courses play in the given study plan.

Bachelor programme - Computer Science 2021

Study plan: Bachelor specialization, Computer Science, 2021
Minimum credits: 180
Recommended course of study (passage) in a given study plan
Bachelor specialization, Computer Science, 2021
Group Min.
Compulsory Courses of Bachelor Study Program Informatics, version 2021 106 106 20 PP - compulsory courses for the programme
Compulsory Courses for Specialisation Computer Science, version 2021 40 40 8 PS - compulsory courses in the specialisation
Compulsory elective courses of the specialization Computer Science, version 2021 5 10 1 PV - elective courses from a compulsory group of courses
Compulsory Physical Education, version 2021 0 0 2 PT - compulsory physical education courses
English Language Exam 2 4 1 PJ - compulsory English examination
Elective courses originating from neighboring specializations for the BIE-TI, ver. 2021 0 27 0 V - elective courses
Purely Elective Bachelor Courses, Version 2021 0 55 0 V - elective courses

This version of the study plan is intended for years that have been accepted for study from the academic year 2021/2022 into the full-time form of study of the bachelor's program. ~ Guarantor: doc. Ing. Jan Janousek, Ph.D. & email:

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