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Page description:
 Each study program is divided into study branches/specializations available either in a full-time (form of) study or in a part-time (form of) study. The study branches/specializations are listed in an accreditation document of a given program. A study plan defines requirements students have to complete to graduate from the branch/specialization. There may be more than one study plan for each study branch/specialization, for example, different forms of study have different study plans.
A study plan is a list of courses a student has to successfully complete. Based on the courses difficulty, each course is assigned a certain number of credits. To fullfil a study plan, a student has to get as many credits (by successfully completing the relevant courses) as set by a limit in a prescribed structure of a study plan. Bachelor study program has the limit of 180 credits, Master study programs 120 credits.
What does prescribed structure mean? Courses in a given plan are organized according to a role, into a few groups. For example, a group of compulsory courses of a program (a theoretical base of the given program), a group of compulsory courses of a branch/specialization, a group of compulsory courses of a specialization, a group of courses in humanities and a group of courses in economics and management.
Prescribed structure:
For each group, it is required to obtain at least the prescribed minimum (amount of) credits or to successfully complete the prescribed minimum (amount of) courses. Credits above the limit of a particular group count as elective credits of a plan. The sum of requirements for all groups of a plan can be equal to the total limit of a plan, but it can also be smaller. The missing credits must be acquired by taking elective courses. The study plan itself does not specify when to take which courses. A study plan can be studied in various ways, these ways are called courses of study in a given study plan. Branch/specialization guarantors define at least one recommended course of study in a given study plan for each study plan. If students follow this recommendation, they certainly graduate in standard study period and there will be no need to prolong their studies.

Study plans and their recommended courses of study (passages) Computer Security 2021

Study plan: Master specialization Computer Security, in English, 2021
Minimum credits: 120
Recommended course of study (passage) for a given study plan: Master specialization Computer Security, in English, 2021

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