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This is a list of all groups of courses; courses in one group have the same role in a study plan; the role is indicated in the heading. A particular group can be part of more than one study plan.
Each group also shows requirements the student has to fulfil in order to complete the group. It is not enough for a student to accumulate the amount of credits prescribed by the study plan; all the requirements for each group need to be fulfilled. For each group, it is required to obtain at least the prescribed minimum amount of credits or to successfully complete the prescribed minimum amount of courses.
If a group has defined a minimum amount of credits < maximum amount of credits < total amount of credits obtainable from the group, then credits earned above the minimum amount of credits are seen as elective and credits earned above the maximum amount of credits do not count.
The groups are ordered alphabetically.

Groups of Courses with Role VO - Compulsory Elective Modules for Branches and Specializations

Group Min.
Compulsory Courses of all Branches and Specialisation, Version 2017 29 10 0
Compulsory Courses of all Branches and Specialisations, Version 2017 29 29 0
Compulsory Courses of all Branches and Specialisations 30 0 0
Compulsory Courses of all Master Branches and Specializationes tohether, in Czech, Version 2015 28 28 7

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