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A group consists of courses that have the same role in a study plan. A group thus facilitates the requirement on credits to be acquired in a prescribed structure for a study plan. Hence, a student just cannot accumulate the required amount of credits required by the study plan; s/he must meet the requirements of each group of courses of a given study plan.
       Each student has to complete either at least a prescribed minimum (amount of) credits or to successfully complete a prescribed minimum (amount of) courses for a given group.
If a group has defined a minimum amount of credits = total amount of credits that can be obtained from the group, the student must successfully complete all the courses of the group. Such a group of courses has its role marked as 'compulsory'. If a group has defined a minimum amount of credits < total amount of credits obtainable from the group, such a situation is referred to as a group with an obligation to choose and complete at least the minimally set amount of credits. Similarly for courses.
If a group has defined a minimum amount of credits = 0 and a minimum number of courses = 0 at the same time, then the courses in the given group are elective.
Ifa a group has defined a minimum amount of credits < maximum amount of credits < total amount of credits obtainable from the group, then credits earned earned above the minimum amount of credits are seen as elective and credits above the maximum amount of credits from a given group do not count.
For ease of reference, each group has a role of the courses in the given study plan assigned next to its name.
The list is sorted alphabetically by the Department code and Course title.
Group: Purely Elective Bachelor Courses, Version 2017
Min. credits: 0   Credits total: 22   Min. courses: 0 Role: V - Elective Modules
Course Course title Extend of
BIE-OOP Object-Oriented Programming 2P+2C Z,ZK Z 4 Ducasse S., Křikava F., Máj P. 18101
BIE-CZ0 Czech Language for Foreigners 4C KZ Z,L 2 Maulová H. 18102
BIE-FTR.1 Financial Markets 2P+2C Z,ZK L 5 Vozárová P. 18102
BIE-EHD Introduction to European Economic History 2P+1C Z,ZK L 3 Evan T. 18102
BIE-PHP.1 Programing in PHP 3C KZ Z 4 18102
BIE-PJV Programming in Java 2P+2C Z,ZK Z 4 Daněček J. 18102
BIE-3DT.1 3D Printing 3C KZ L 4 18102
BIE-ZRS Basics of Systems Control 2P+2C Z,ZK L 4 Hyniová K. 18103
BI-SCE1 Computer Engineering Seminar I 2C Z L,Z 4 Kubátová H., Novotný M., Skrbek M. 18103
BIE-ST1 Network Technology 1 2C Z Z 3 18104
BIE-PS2 Programming in shell 2 2P+2C Z,ZK L 4 Žďárek J., Bařinka L. 18104
BIE-ZUM Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals 2P+2C Z,ZK L 4 Surynek P. 18105
BIE-IMA2 Introduction to Mathematics 2 1C Z Z 2 18105
BIE-IMA Introduction to Mathematics 3C Z Z 4 18105
BIE-PKM Preparatory Mathematics Z Z 4 Rybníčková J. 18105

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