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A group consists of courses that have the same role in a study plan. A group thus facilitates the requirement on credits to be acquired in a prescribed structure for a study plan. Hence, a student just cannot accumulate the required amount of credits required by the study plan; s/he must meet the requirements of each group of courses of a given study plan.
       Each student has to complete either at least a prescribed minimum (amount of) credits or to successfully complete a prescribed minimum (amount of) courses for a given group.
If a group has defined a minimum amount of credits = total amount of credits that can be obtained from the group, the student must successfully complete all the courses of the group. Such a group of courses has its role marked as 'compulsory'. If a group has defined a minimum amount of credits < total amount of credits obtainable from the group, such a situation is referred to as a group with an obligation to choose and complete at least the minimally set amount of credits. Similarly for courses.
If a group has defined a minimum amount of credits = 0 and a minimum number of courses = 0 at the same time, then the courses in the given group are elective.
Ifa a group has defined a minimum amount of credits < maximum amount of credits < total amount of credits obtainable from the group, then credits earned earned above the minimum amount of credits are seen as elective and credits above the maximum amount of credits from a given group do not count.
For ease of reference, each group has a role of the courses in the given study plan assigned next to its name.
The list is sorted alphabetically by the Department code and Course title.
Group: Compulsory Courses of Bachelor Study Program Informatics, Part-time Form of Study, in Czech
Min. credits: 112   Credits total: 112   Min. courses: 19 Role: PP - Compulsory Modules of Programme
Course Course title Extend of
BIK-PA1 Programming and Algorithmics 1 20KP+6KC Z,ZK Z 1 6 Vogel J. 18101
BIK-PAI Law and Informatics 13KP ZK Z 1 3 Kučera Z. 18102
BIK-CAO Digital and Analog Circuits 13KP+4KC Z,ZK Z 1 5 Hyniová K. 18103
BIK-UOS Introduction to Operating System UNIX 13KP+4KC KZ Z 1 5 18104
BIK-ZMA Elements of Calculus 20KP+4KC Z,ZK Z 1 6 Petr I. 18105
BIK-MLO Mathematical Logic 13KP+4KC Z,ZK Z 1 5 Klouda K. 18105
BIK-TED Electronic Documentation Design 13KP+4KC KZ L 2 5 18101
BIK-PA2 Programming and Algorithmics 2 13KP+4KC Z,ZK L 2 7 Vogel J. 18101
BIK-SAP Computer Structure and Architecture 13KP+4KC Z,ZK L 2 6 Dobiáš R. 18103
BIK-OSY Operating Systems 13KP+4KC Z,ZK L 2 5 Šoch M., Trdlička J. 18104
BIK-LIN Linear Algebra 26KP+4KC Z,ZK L 2 7 Klouda K. 18105
BIK-AAG Automata and Grammars 13KP+4KC Z,ZK Z 3 6 Guth O. 18101
BIK-DBS Database Systems 13KP+8KC Z,ZK L 3 6 Halaška I., Hunka J., Valenta M. 18102
BIK-ZDM Elements of Discrete Mathematics 13KP+4KC Z,ZK Z 3 5 Pernecká E. 18105
BIK-PSI Computer Networks 13KP+4KC Z,ZK L 4 5 Smotlacha V. 18104
BIK-PST Probability and Statistics 13KP+4KC Z,ZK Z 4 5 Vašata D. 18105
BIK-PPR Project, Presentation and Rhetorics 13KP+2KC KZ Z 5 5 Vynikarová D. 18102
BIK-BEZ Security 13KP+4KC Z,ZK L 5 6 Dostál J., Lórencz R. 18106
BI-BAP Bachelor Thesis Z L,Z 6 14 18000

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